Luna Comp Composite End Cap (Pack of 20)

Luna Comp Composite End Cap (Pack of 20)

£17.99 (inc. Vat)


LunaComp is an innovative wood composite decking. It is manufactured with a unique patented process using Lunawood thermally modified wood fibre and recycled polymer.  LunaComp is produced by the Finnish company Lunawood Ltd, the world’s largest and leading producer of Thermowood.


The UK has witnessed a steadily increasing demand for decking over the last 25 years in both domestic and commercial applications.  As our market evolves, new decks are being installed and old wooden decks are being replaced. The consumer has become increasingly discerning, requiring low maintenance, attractive design and durability.  To meet these evolving demands, a number of developments have occurred and one of the most successful has been the introduction of wood composite decking.

Wood composite deck boards have been widely used in Europe and North America for many years and are now gaining increased popularity in the UK.

LunaComp used their Scandinavian experience and technology to develop an ideal decking material.  They took a unique blend of Thermowood fibre and polypropylene  to produce an attractive deck board.  By utilising 65% Thermowood fibre, the deck board benefits from both greatly enhanced stability and durability. These two fundamental advantages set LunaComp apart from other WCP on the market.

The Lunawood content does not readily absorb moisture, is very stable and carries a BRE endorsed 30 year service life expectancy.  The qualities of Lunawood are incorporated into LunaComp.

Key advantages

The warmth and feel of natural timber

An attractive and contemporary appearance with 3 colour choices.

Little or no maintenance

Defect Free – no splits, cracks, knots, warp or splinters

Dimensionally Stable

Movement with changes in temperature is half that of most competitor wood composite WPC decking

Movement with changes in humidity is less then half the shrinkage and swelling of most competitor wood composite decking


Bending Strength is twice that of most competitor wood composite decking

Quick and Easy Installation

Labour time is greatly reduced using the fast clip system

Long Service Life – 20-30 years depending on situation (Use Class 3 BS EN 335)

Low Slip

Surface grooves and unique extruded profile on LunaComp provides reduced slip in both wet and dry conditions

Ordinary Woodworking tools can be used

Environmentally friendly

PEFC certified

All timber is sustainably harvested

100% recyclable


A reversible deck board with two distinct face patterns

Cross Section size 26mm x 140mm




Graphite Grey

Mocha Brown



Accessories – colour matched

FastClip Fixing System

– 18 clips required per m2

– 250 clips per bag

End Cap – for exposed board ends

– 20 per bag

Side Strip – to finish any exposed deck side surrounds

– Available in 4.0m


In service performance

Once laid as a deck, LunaComp will fade initially upon exposure to sunlight and once the initial fading has taken place the colour will settle to a constant shade.

The surface tends to mark with abrasion such as that caused by the scraping of furniture legs – it is a wood-based product and still exhibits some of same characteristics as the natural timber from which it is made.

Care needs to be taken during installation with normal building site conditions. Cover sheets and walking boards should be employed and not dragged across the new deck surface.