Pigs Ear Handrail

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Product Description

Pigs Ear Handrail

The most popular handrail profile for wall-mounted handrails is the traditional shaped Pig’s Ear (sometimes called the Sow’s Ear) handrail. The Pig’s Ear handrail is flat edged, allowing it to be fixed directly onto a wall without having to use brackets.

A curvaceous, well-turned pig’s ear handrail looks stylish, and also acts as a valuable safety aid and support for younger and older family members climbing the stairs.

Our pig’s ear handrails are easy to mount on a wall. Don’t forget that in the UK regulations state that the minimum handrail height must be 900mm, and we recommend that you keep around 1000mm between the appropriate fixings.

If your stairway is wider than 1 metre then building regulations recommend that both sides feature a handrail.

If you plan to paint or stain your pig’s ear handrail, it’s advisable to do so before you fix it to the wall, and after it’s in place you can finish it off with end caps for a neat look.

Keynsham Timber supplies pig’s ear handrail in lengths of 4.2m, available to order here online for delivery to any address in the Bristol/Bath area. You can also choose our “click and collect” option and fetch your handrail from our depot in Keynsham yourself.