Convex Diamond Trellis

£30.00£40.00 (inc. Vat)

Diamond trellis panels are constructed using  quality planed batten, that is framed all round with a rebated frame.

These panels are pressure treated (green), so the colour will match the other pressure treated timber we keep in stock. Ideal for use with climbing plants. Hole size is approx. 50mm x 50mm.

The measurements are shown in the format: Width x Height (middle of curve) / Height (edge of curve).

Convex Trellis 1830 x 750/600mm

Convex Trellis 1830 x 600/450mm

Convex Trellis 1830 x 470/320mm


Rectangle framing 28 x 32mm
Windows 40mm
Trellis slats 8mm x 20mm
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